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Trebletree WDI: Weekly Design Inspiration ED3 – Free Stock Images

Are you looking for free stock images for your business website or for your clients? This has always been a challenge for our clients’ sites – finding affordable, beautiful stock images that don’t break the bank. Over the past few years I’ve come up with a list of resources for free stock photos that have Creative Common Zero (CC0) licensing – which essentially means no license is required. For your next projects (whether you are building a site for a client or working with a web designer), consider using these websites.

Unsplash – Beautiful Free Stock Photos

unsplash, free stock photos

Unsplash publishes 10 new photos every 10 days. Their website is easy to browse and their search just works.

Pixabay – Searchable Stock Photo Database


Pixabay was one of the first site’s I found for free stock photography. They’ve got a great variety of images. Not all are as beautiful as the photography on Unsplash – but they’ve got so many that their quantity makes up for the few lacking in quality. They’ve got quite a lot of great quality shots and their search works great.

Splitshire – Crowdsourced Stock Photos


Splitshire started with one guy wanting to share 100 beautiful photographs with the design world. They now have 2 million downloads. The free stock photos on Splitshire are unique to the site – and they are stunning.

Gratisography – Searchable Free Stock Image Subscription

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Gratisography does a lot of things right! (1) The photos are all taken by Ryan McGuire. All photos are unique and stunning. (2) You can sign up for email alerts. (3) They call their search Magic Auto Search. How can you beat that?

What all 4 of these sites have in common are:

  1. Great search functionality.
  2. New photos added on a regular basis.
  3. High quality photos unique to that site.

Post in the comments if you’ve found any others that have worked well for you or your clients.

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