Trebletree WDI: Weekly Design Inspiration – ED:2 – Color Cafe

I have found my happy place.

It is the Pantone Cafe.

As a designer, I am inspired by almost everything I see. This bottle marker sitting next to me is the perfect color for a CTA button. The clean lines and old brick on the mill building across the street are the perfect example of old meets new – great inspiration for a new site I’m building. But, I’ve never been more inspired by a physical place than I am by the Pantone Cafe – and that’s only in pictures!

I’m a huge fan of color theory and how the use of color can transform and destroy good design. I also enjoy organization in design, essentially finding the the perfect fit for elements and color. Lastly, I get butterflies when I see simple, understated, clever packaging.

Without further ado, here are some photos so that you can see why the Pantone Cafe is my happy place.

pantone cafe

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pantone cafe


Where can you find the Pantone Cafe?

I’m afraid to say, my friends, that this beautiful cafe is not in the United States. But, for our international visitors or our travel-fiends, check out the Pantone Cafe in Monaco. Send me pictures @LaurenBusby11 on Twitter if you make it there! I’m sure I’d take 1000 if I was there.

Check out the cafe here.

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