Trebletree WDI: Weekly Design Inspiration – ED:1 – Beer Edition

There are 2 things that I love – design and craft beer. So, for our first edition of WDI or Weekly Design Inspiration I bring you Edition 1 – the Beer Edition!

Today’s packaging can be one of the most inspiring forms of design. Top packaging designs must have the ability to make you stop in your tracks and say, “Wow, I need that product.” With craft beer becoming so popular and new breweries popping up almost daily, good packaging is almost as essential as good beer when it comes to starting a brewery.

Here’s a look at 5 breweries that are doing it right.

Fort Point

Ever seen beer packaging that made you swoon? I have. And it started with Fort Point. Their packing designs combine iconic imagery from their founding city (San Francisco) with clean lines and solid color blocks. The result is nothing less than beautiful.


21st Amendment

21st Amendment has done a great job at combining clever copywriting with outstanding full-bleed designs. The result is a can of beer that just simply catches your eye and makes you want to buy more. Better yet, their beer names are catchy! – Hell or High Watermelon (A Watermelon Wheat), Brew Free or Die IPA, Bitter American Session Ale, and Back in Black India Black Ale





Litros Cerveza

Truly a KISS (keep it simple stupid) approach – Litros unveiled it’s new bottle design… a bottle in a paper bag. The result is simply beautiful.


Old House Brewers

Our next brewery, Old House Brewers, reimagined the package that the bottle comes in, not the bottle or the label itself. Old House Brewers took a literal look at their beer and turned the packing for the Farmhouse Ale into, well, a farmhouse.


Harumph! Brewing Company

Our last brewery we have in our Weekly Design Inspiration is Harumph! They took to reimagining the bottle itself. Rather than filling normal 12 oz. or 20 oz. bottles, they redesigned the bottle to match their unique taste. Take a look at Harumph!’s new bottle design:


That’s it for this week’s Weekly Design Inspiration. Check back for next week’s 5 inspiring designs in Trebletree WDI Edition 2. Post in the comments if you want us to cover any particular topic – i.e. packaging, websites, banners, etc.


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